My father has cancer. Not just any cancer, but a racquetball-sized tumor in his nasopharynx that is slowly overtaking his ability to hear, swallow and eat. The good news is that despite the aggressiveness of the growth, the prognosis is extremely positive. Odds are, he’ll be OK. Or at least the odds are in his favor […]


The pitch was last Wednesday. A pitch for a significant project for an existing client which would literally change the way we work with them now and into the future. According to their procurement department they were supposed to make a recommendation on Friday and notify us of the decision. And they’re late. Anyone who […]

four hundred and fifty five.

I’m taking a secret vacation in a few weeks. Not so secret, like the “abandon the running car and notify the police” secret, but one that I’m not really telling many people about. No big calendar countdown. No FB posts. Just getting out of dodge for a few days before anyone really realizes I’m gone. […]

Always on the clock.

Like anyone, as much as I want to do good and kind things, I don’t always. I fail more often than I succeed.

Full-time working mother. So what exactly does that mean? It means, my friends, that unless you’re one of the one-percent, a reality TV star or some other People-cover ready celebrity with a cadre of nannies, you will always be, no matter where you are, on the clock. Someone needs you. Right now. Always.

I say it like it’s a bad thing. It’s not. I believe core to the basic human emotion of happiness is not only feeling loved, but feeling needed. It’s why people get sad when they get older – they don’t feel like they are adding value – they don’t feel necessary. And that’s one thing that I absolutely live for: adding value (no matter how small) in someone else’s life.

So lucky for me, I get to do that, in spades. Sometimes good. Sometimes not so good. Like anyone, as much as I want to do good and kind things, I don’t always. I fail more often than I succeed. But I try. And that means helping when you can and fixing when you don’t. It’s a never-ending process. One that a cherish with all of my heart.

So what? Where am I going with this post? What’s the point of this silly late-to-the-party blog where I try to be clever and interesting and charming without sounding arrogant or silly or snarky or petty? Well for me it’s an outlet. A place to express myself. To find 10 minutes in a day where I can just create. Do something fun. Something that restores. And hopefully adds some joy or point of interest (no matter how small) to someone’s life (even if it’s just mine).  Because once that 10 minutes of posting time is up…well, odds are, someone else will need something.