The pitch was last Wednesday. A pitch for a significant project for an existing client which would literally change the way we work with them now and into the future. According to their procurement department they were supposed to make a recommendation on Friday and notify us of the decision. And they’re late. Anyone who […]

one twenty-three.

Friday night the city of Chicago lost one of its firefighters (a Captain, to be exact). I heard about it on Facebook before I watched the news. A few of my grammar school friends are on the department and they usually post updates way before the general media. And while I’m always saddened to hear […]


Alter-egos are fascinating, aren’t they? Even thought I’d consider myself a pretty content, well-adjusted and confident individual, my alter-egos (I have a few) represent a different kind of life that I can imagine myself living for a bit, even though in reality I’d never ever trade the life I lead right now, ever. I think […]


So this lovely “deal” showed up in my inbox today. It just leaves me wondering: What kind of person is comfortable doing discounted plastic surgery, from an email ad? I’m leery of even using discounted restaurant ads, much less something that could permanently paralyze my face. At what age are you profiled to start receiving such discounts […]

four hundred and fifty five.

I’m taking a secret vacation in a few weeks. Not so secret, like the “abandon the running car and notify the police” secret, but one that I’m not really telling many people about. No big calendar countdown. No FB posts. Just getting out of dodge for a few days before anyone really realizes I’m gone. […]