Yeah, I’m checking this inbox way too frequently these days…

The pitch was last Wednesday. A pitch for a significant project for an existing client which would literally change the way we work with them now and into the future. According to their procurement department they were supposed to make a recommendation on Friday and notify us of the decision. And they’re late.

Anyone who has ever worked in an agency can tell you one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the job is the new business presentation. Despite the fact that you do them fairly regularly and they incorporate the same basic information (who the agency is, what you know about the client, and the kind of work you can do for them), new business presentations are one of the ugliest sorts of things you ever have to put together. It usually involves the senior level folks at the agency and requires a ton of time and creative thinking. Your end goal is always to put together an engaging presentation that shows your strategic thinking and creative chops, ultimately entertaining the audience and leaving them wanting more. Generally, you have less than two weeks to put something together, which means it completely engulfs your life until it’s complete. If you’ve done your job well, the pitch will leave you exhilarated, exhausted and anxious to hear if you won the business.

So here I sit, waiting. Checking my email every few minutes and keeping my phone nearby. Do I think we did a good job? I think we did a great job. Do I think we won the business? Maybe.

Tom Petty was right – the waiting IS the hardest part.

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