Stoppuhr (Chronometer)

Stoppuhr (Chronometer) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are sixty seconds in one minute and sixty minutes in an hour. These are facts that I, like most working parents, are remarkably aware of. Have to get the kids to school? You better be out the door by 7:04. Need to fold those clothes in the dryer before you go? Should take you seven minutes. Have a meeting a three o’clock? You’ll find me at my desk until 2:59 responding to emails, proofing a proposal or double checking what’s left on the to-do list. My life, and corresponding activities are managed within a series of razor-thin time margins.

That’s why a day like today, where we literally gain an extra hour, is one of the greatest gifts a working parent can receive.

Do what you want with those extra seconds – sleep, take down Halloween decorations, enjoy a leisurely breakfast, snuggle with your critters, whatever – it’s amazing what a little found time can do.

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