For the bargain basement price of only $140, we can paralyze your face, or more!. Trust us – it’s a great deal! What could possibly go wrong???

So this lovely “deal” showed up in my inbox today. It just leaves me wondering:

  1. What kind of person is comfortable doing discounted plastic surgery, from an email ad? I’m leery of even using discounted restaurant ads, much less something that could permanently paralyze my face.
  2. At what age are you profiled to start receiving such discounts (and are discounted hearing aid offers to be expected soon?)
  3. How much longer until the herd of  “discount  and deal” sites starts to thin? Not that I have anything against Groupon, but it sure seems (based on this email offers and others) to me that this concept has officially jumped the shark.


Ah, the joys of marketing in the 21st century. You just never know what they’ll try to entice you with next…

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