Alter-egos are fascinating, aren’t they? Even thought I’d consider myself a pretty content, well-adjusted and confident individual, my alter-egos (I have a few) represent a different kind of life that I can imagine myself living for a bit, even though in reality I’d never ever trade the life I lead right now, ever. I think […]


So this lovely “deal” showed up in my inbox today. It just leaves me wondering: What kind of person is comfortable doing discounted plastic surgery, from an email ad? I’m leery of even using discounted restaurant ads, much less something that could permanently paralyze my face. At what age are you profiled to start receiving such discounts […]


Saturday we celebrated our seventeenth wedding anniversary. No big parties, no cake, no expensive fancy restaurant dinners (although those all sound wonderful). This year, we opted to do something we all could enjoy – taking advantage a beautiful fall day in the Midwest and taking a long hike through the beautiful woods of the Morton Arboretum. […]

one thirty-three.

Some context: we live in an old house (+100 years). The house next-door to ours was built by and for the same fellow who built our home. It’s a beautiful example of a California bungalow and in truth, it’s a much grander home than ours. It happened again. At exactly 5am this morning, I awoke […]

four hundred and fifty five.

I’m taking a secret vacation in a few weeks. Not so secret, like the “abandon the running car and notify the police” secret, but one that I’m not really telling many people about. No big calendar countdown. No FB posts. Just getting out of dodge for a few days before anyone really realizes I’m gone. […]


Ah, the year of my high school graduation. Just thinking of it takes me back to some well-formed memories in my mind: The smell of the high school lounge area where I religiously ate my lunch of coca-cola, small fries and peanut butter cups (no wonder I was so thin) Having tall bangs that I […]

why twelve tracks.

Lucky enough to have attended the Mashable conference in March, I was inspired by the founder of A thin Scandinavian hipster, complete with oversized glasses, he posited that sound (specifically as it relates to digital experiences) is much more important than we realize. In support of his argument, he suggested watching any scary movie […]