Forty is fabulous, or so the old cliche goes. Thanks to those ageist baby boomers and the wonders of plastic surgery, hair color and modern cosmetic advancements, turning forty is no longer considered the end of life – or worse – old age. Instead, today turning forty is more like turning thirty used to be – young enough to still be considered vital (at least by anyone over the age of 25) but old enough to have some sense.

I turn forty-three today, and to be honest, I feel much more grateful about it then I thought I would. Yes, it’s true that you no longer get carded. It’s harder than ever to maintain a healthy weight (and fashion sense). And you start actually noticing more of those little aches and pains that let you know you’ve been around for a while (I actually think it’s OK to notice them, but to actually acknowledge them, notsomuch). For me, I have to admit to really enjoying my forties – here’s why:

Your forties are amazing. It’s the age you officially start worrying less. You’ve got enough experience under your belt that you can prioritize better. You’re more confident in your decisions and you can more clearly identify lost causes. You realize that time really does pass quickly, so you waste less and less of it. 

I also think it’s an age where you can still change and are still developing – whether it’s a new interest, a new group of friends or a new way of thinking, but you can also rely on the stability and consistencies you’ve established along the way. 

So yes, would I love to have the energy (and metabolism) of a twenty-something me? Absolutely. But would I trade it for the wisdom and experiences I’ve had over these past 40+ years? No way.

So year forty-three? Bring it on. I can’t wait to see what you bring this year.

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